Guidance for visiting whilst Covid 19 control measures are in place

We are happy to welcome you to the clinic for treatment from 27 July 2020 however, in line with Government guidelines, there are a number of additional measures which have been put in place to help ensure the health and safety of visitors and therapists during this time. We kindly ask you to comply with the following and get in touch with any questions you may have.


All clients are required to complete a Covid 19 declaration prior to the appointment which ensures you have no heightened risk of infection, are safe to treat, are not in a high risk group and are happy to receive treatment from your therapist at our clinic. This will be emailed to you to read through prior to your appointment and a copy given to you for signing at your appointment.

Your therapist may carry out part of your consultation via telephone / video call to minimise your time spent in the clinic.

Frontline key workers must change clothes and shower prior to attending their appointment if they have been working that day.

During your appointment

Please arrive for your appointment at your scheduled time as there are currently no waiting area facilities.

Where possible, please do not bring any additional persons with you and keep personal belongings to a minimum.

Access to and from the clinic will be by the blue side door only. Upon arrival, please press the buzzer and you will be met at the door by your therapist where you will be provided with a face mask (please feel free to bring your own) and asked to sanitise your hands.  You will then be taken directly to your treatment room.

There will be a plastic container made available for your personal belongings and clothing if required.

Should you require use of bathroom facilities during your visit please inform your therapist however we kindly request you arrive prepared to avoid this where possible.

Payment will be accepted by card only during this time. Please note that there will be a £2 supplement for each appointment at the moment to help mitigate the unexpected costs which have arisen to due to Government and insurance compliance. We thank you in advance for your understanding.

Upon conclusion of your appointment you will be escorted to the exit by your therapist.

Additional information

There will be at least 30 minutes between appointments to allow time for complete disinfection of treatment rooms, communal areas and equipment and to minimise the number of persons visiting at any given time.

No facial massage will be conducted at this time.

All linen/towels are changed following each client and laundered to hygienic standards.

Social distancing will be adhered to wherever possible, however the nature of manual therapy is that close contact and touching will be unavoidable during your appointment. If you are in any way anxious about the prospect of this or do not wish to receive close contact we advise you to postpone your visit.

Your therapist will be wearing a face covering and adhering to strict hygiene practices at all times.

These measures have been put in place following a thorough risk assessment of the clinic and our practices.