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Our dedicated team of physiotherapists, sports therapists, Pilates instructors and sports massage therapists are here to provide you with expert care and support tailored to your specific needs.

Are you looking for professional physiotherapy, sports therapy, sports massage or Pilates services in Aberdeen? 

At Total Endurance Sports Therapy, we provide personalised injury prevention and performance enhancement services that cater to your specific sporting needs and goals. Our experienced therapists and practitioners will work closely with you to develop a targeted plan that addresses your unique musculoskeletal demands, enhances your performance, and prevents injuries and the need for costly rehabilitation and time away from your sport.

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Tracy Dawn

Sports & Remedial Massage Therapist

Tracy grew up getting regular massage treatments and recognizing the benefits, she always knew this is what she wanted to study.

Graduating from the Massage Therapy College of Manitoba in Canada in 2004, she had a practice there until she moved to Scotland in 2017. Throughout her career she has focused on a client-first approach, tailoring care to patient’s specific needs, both for athletes and non-athletes alike.

She has a passion for making people move and feel better, has done further training with scar tissue treatment, completed the full Functional Range Release palpation and assessment program and truly loves learning more about how the body functions.

She believes in a fully-integrated approach to healthcare and is confident that sports therapies can have a positive impact on every body.

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Chris Birnie

Sports Massage Therapist & Personal Trainer

While recovering from back surgery, Chris realised the correct posture and movement techniques that helped manage his own pain would help other people overcome their own injuries. He’s since set about teaching people to become stronger, more confident, and to achieve their goals, whether that be by improving overall athletic performance or simply quality of life.

Chris offers a wide range of fitness and therapy services, including sports massage, lymphatic drainage, personal training/strength and conditioning, pre/rehab techniques, posture/corrective exercises, GP referrals, pain reduction from low back pain and more.

Whether clients are training for a sport, a new fitness challenge, are pre/post-surgery, or just want to keep doing those all-important daily activities without pain,

Chris strives to build a customised training/therapy plan that is creative and effective, helping clients achieve their goals.

Chris enjoys a fitness challenge, taking in cycling, fitness classes, Munro climbs, gym workouts and playing golf in his spare time. He has even trekked to Everest Base Camp. He has used his skills to progress his own golf swing through the understanding of ground force production, getting the most efficiency from his body.

“This is a fearful moment, with small achievable challenges, which will help you progress onto more enjoyable adventures.” – Chris Birnie (Crossing Hilary’s Bridge, Nepal)

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Dr Ian Burton

Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist & Sports Performance Specialist

In addition to his work with Total endurance Sports Therapy, Ian currently works as a Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist within the NHS as well as a First Contact Physiotherapist working alongside GPs in primary care, as the first point of contact for those with musculoskeletal conditions. Prior to working as a Physio, Ian worked as a Sports Development Officer and Basketball Coach while playing semi-professional basketball and completing an undergraduate degree (BSc) in Sports Science and Coaching from Ulster University in his native Northern Ireland.  He then undertook a master’s degree in Physiotherapy (MSc) at Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, and then a Doctorate in Physiotherapy (DPT) from the University of Montana in the United States.

Ian is nearing completion of a PhD in physiotherapy and has 18 peer reviewed research publications in some of the world’s leading sports medicine journals within his specialist area of tendon injury rehabilitation. Ian’s research explores new treatment methods for the rehabilitation of chronic lower limb tendon injuries in athletes, which are notoriously difficult to treat.

He also serves as a peer reviewer and editor for several internationally leading sports medicine journals and is ranked among the UK’s foremost experts in tendinopathy, ranking in the top 1% of tendinopathy experts worldwide on the expertscape medical rankings!

Ian is also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and has particular interests in athlete development, injury prevention and sports performance enhancement, having worked with amateur athletes to help them develop into professional athletes. He has previously served as the Head Coach and Head of Physiotherapy for the University of Aberdeen Men’s basketball team and the Robert Gordon University Women’s basketball team.

Ian is a registered Physiotherapist with the Health and Care Professions Council, and a member of both the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and the National Strength and Conditioning Association

For a full list of peer reviewed scientific publications please visit: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Ian-Burton-2

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Ron Coutts

Sports Therapist

Ron Coutts

Ron has been a therapist for over 25 years. During that time has worked with athletes of all calibres from world class professionals to “weekend warriors”

The most important factor is looking after the individuals needs. A graduate in Biomedical Science he shares his time between research, anatomy teaching and clinical work.

Ron has an extensive range of treatment protocols, primarily as a sports therapist, but also as a qualified teacher of Anatomy Trains treats in Structural Integration

“When the person arrives in the clinic, they share with you part of their problem, we have to deal with it – it’s not just a transaction”

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Lynn Edmonstone

Pilates Instructor, Slings Myofascial Stretch Therapy Teacher & Nutrition

Lynn Edmonstone is originally from Aberdeen and recently moved back after living and studying many years in London. She teaches Pilates Matwork and Studio Equipment with a focus on helping people with back pain, osteoporosis/osteopenia and many other medical conditions and sports related goals.

Lynn is Matwork & Comprehensive Studio Certified with Body Control Pilates.  She has also done training with Balanced Body on the Trapeze Table and EXO/Combo Chair & has also done rehab training with APPI. She also has obtained the following qualifications: L4 Low Back Pain: Back4Good Practitioner, L3 Bone Health: Osteoporosis/Osteopenia, L3 Older Adults: Arthritis, Hip/Knee/Shoulder Issues, Parkinson’s, MS, L3 Pregnancy: Pre & Postnatal, Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Rehab Specialist and is currently completing courses in Hypermobility & Scoliosis.

As well as Pilates, Lynn is also a certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition Advisor and Mindfulness Meditation teacher and is certified in the Alexander Technique, Stretch Therapy and Slings Myofascial. Lynn’s 1-1 Pilates sessions and group Pilates classes will incorporate all of her training and techniques to offer a unique and individualised approach to every client.

Feel free to contact Lynn to discuss your needs and goals!

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Why us?

Personalised Care and Individualized Treatment Plans

At Total Endurance Sports Therapy, we understand that each person’s needs are unique. That’s why we take a personalised approach to your care. Our team will conduct a thorough assessment to understand your specific goals, challenges, and medical history. Based on this information, we will develop a customized treatment plan that targets the root cause of your condition and supports your long-term well-being.

Expertise in Injury Management and Prevention

Our physiotherapists, sports therapists, sports massage therapists, and Pilates instructors are highly skilled in injury management and prevention. We are passionate about helping you recover from injuries, but we also believe in the power of preventative care. By addressing underlying issues and providing guidance on proper form, technique, and training methods, we strive to minimise the risk of future injuries and maximise your performance.

Convenient Location and Flexible Appointments

Located in Bucksburn in Aberdeen, above the Total Endurance retail shop, our sports therapy clinic is easily accessible, making it convenient for athletes and active individuals in the area and across northeast Scotland. A carpark behind our building offers free parking while you’re visiting us. We understand the importance of timely care, which is why we offer a flexible appointment schedule including daytimes, evenings and weekends, and accommodate phone, in-person and online booking to accommodate your busy lifestyle.

Total Endurance Coaching & Retail

Visit our sister shop for all your coaching and sports retail needs!

Our partners over at Total Endurance offer comprehensive multisport coaching, testing and support from our premises in Bucksburn, Aberdeen. The experienced team of coaches will provide you with elite swim, bike, run and triathlon coaching, technique analysis and fitness testing to help you achieve your athletic goals.

The state-of-the-art facilities include an endless pool, VO2 max testing, gait analysis, video analysis, bike fits, TT and road bicycles, wetsuits, trainers and triathlon accessories sales and retail support, trainers and wetsuits fitting and bike maintenance and repair services. Their team consists of professional coaches, athletes, and bike mechanics, all of whom are committed to providing the best possible support to help you realize your full potential.

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